Etiquettes of Indian Cuisine

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Many Indian restaurants are not very formal. Yes even those considered best (Indian restaurant are usually very similar). The etiquette for Indian (or any ethnic South Asian) restaurants might be little different from other restaurants. Below I have provided some basic rules.
1. No Beef or Pork ; Many Indians are either Hindus or Muslims. To Hindus cows are sacred, so no beef and to muslims pigs are disgusting animals to consume, so no pork. There are a few restaurants in India which are pure vegetarian (They dont even serve eggs).
2. Eating with hands ; Many types of foods especially the indian breads are consumed by hands. It is ok to consume food with hands provided your hands are clean and the food is not messy.
3. Eating from others' plates ; Indians have this concept of people not encouraging the sharing of plates or cutleries coming in contact with their food. You cannot consume food from other plates beacuse of the saliva or the indirect contact of your mouth into someones food.
4. Wining and Dining ; Indians do not have wine and dine culture and so even the gevernment restricts eateries serving liquor without permission. Be aware not all restaurants serve liquor

Indian Cuisine so very popular

India is a country rich in tradition and culture. The country has diverse defining features in geography, culture and food. These features differ from region to region. Despite the difference in cultures based on regions there are certain underlining similarities in thier food. Their use of spices in food forms an integral part of food preparation and these spices form the foundation to enhance the flavours and aromas in the food prepared.Althought the food in India reflects the varied demographics and ethnic deversities the primary division in thier cuisine would be North Indian, South Indian, East Indian and West Indian cuisines.
Within these primary divisions form region wise division like chettinad, konkan, mughalai, tandoor, etc., Now is when I have to mention that there is a lot of foreign influnce in the food prepared and consumed in many regions. This influence is primarily because of the nations that ruled the country.
Let's get into each of these regions and their cuisines in detail going forward. Primary Cuisines in India are
South Indian Cuisines
North Indian Cuisines
Western Indian Cuisines
Eastern Indian Cuisines

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